About us

Stockmoor antiques is a small family run dealership with over twenty years experience in the restoration and sale of English antique furniture and effects. We find the rare and unusual pieces most exciting and look out for colour, proportion and quirk. We love to handle history and often have items from the 16th Century and earlier, while there is still a place in our hearts and our showrooms for more humble pieces of 18th and 19th Century cottage furniture. We like the utility of pieces that span centuries of use and the stories they carry of our cultural heritage.

You can find James, Merlys, Nina, Toby or Haydon in our showrooms in Leominster if you are able to visit in person or feel free to contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to help.

Stockmoor Antiques 10-12 Broad St. Leominster, HR6 8BS

Email: james@stockmoorantiques.co.uk Or toby@stockmoorantiques.co.uk

Tel: 01544 388759
Mobile: 07812 829099